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  • SHEWON was established in 2017. Starting with the family business which is home of swallows bird’s nest at Bangsaphan,Prachuapkirikhan province,Thailand. We spent more than 5 years in the business of bird’s nest. Originally, we would sell raw bird’s nest to other entrepreneurs. But at the present, we find out that more people tend to consume healthy foods and also focus on comfort in consumption. So we have established “SHEWON” under the brand management by KCDINTERTRADE CO.,LTD.which produces a variety of bird’s nest products for the need of modern consumers. So it is the source of the company slogan “Functional for Health and Wealth”. Good health, you can choose.
  • In Southeast asia, the first exporters of bird’s nest are Indonesia and Malaysia. In Thailand, there are many provinces exporting bird’s nest. In South of Thailand such as Prachuapkirikhan,Chumporn,Suratthani,Krabi. And some parts in East of Thailand such as Rayong and Chantaburi. Because the terrain and climate of Thailand is on tropical zone so it is appropriate to make the swallows species increase rapidly
  • Bird’s nest that people can consume is swallow nest. It can be classified by color (red, black, white or gold) or residency (home or cave).Cave ones is more expensive because it is quite rare so people favor to consume home ones.
  • Bird’s nest is functional food for people who want to take care of themselves.
    Chinese traditional belief about bird’s nest consumption is that it is the food of elites or royal family, rare and expensive item and it helps to nurture lung. It is called “East of Caviar”
  • Now there are many scientific researches about benefits of bird’s nest. It contains biologically active substances.
    – Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which stimulates new skin cells
    – Sialic Acid which stimulates the nervous system and brain
    – Glycoprotein which stimulates white blood cells to produce antibacterial and antivirus
    – Amino Acid which is needed for the body